Check some of the media appearances below.

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European Space Agency Success Stories – Copernicus Sentinel-1 essential for monitoring forest biomass

Mirage News – Africa forest carbon loss hotspots monitored at high speed

Towards Data Science – Saving the Amazon with AI

New York Post – Glittering image by NASA shines light on land destroyed by gold mining

Mongabay – Carbon emissions from Peruvian gold mining ‘alarming,’ experts say

Mongabay – Satellite images from Planet reveal devastating Amazon fires in near real-time

Medium – Developing The World’s First Indicator Of Forest Carbon Stocks & Emissions

Planet Pulse – Developing The World’s First Indicator Of Forest Carbon Stocks & Emissions

Planet Insights – Monitoring Forest Carbon from Space

GeoConnexion – A sweet success

Science Daily – Operational mapping system for high-resolution tropical forest carbon emissions

Cronkite News Arizona – Fires in the Amazon: Arizona researchers determine what’s true, what’s not

Arizona Daily Sun – Arizona researchers determine what’s true in Amazon fire

Environmental News Network – New Satellite System Can Map Tropical Forest Carbon Emissions

sUAS News – An Automatic Random Forest-OBIA Algorithm for Early Weed Mapping between and within Crop Rows Using UAV Imagery

Directions Magazine – Growers Find Gold in UAV/CNN-OBIA Tech Pairing

Geospatial World – Harnessing precise imagery to improve crops

The Working Forest (Canada) – Operational mapping system monitors carbon emissions

NewsUS.app – Producers find gold in the UAV / CNN-OBIA Technology pairing