Although many technological developments have been made and we are now collecting an unimaginable amount of satellite images, we still lack the tools to effectively and efficiently analyze them. Object-based image analysis (OBIA) is devoted to developing automated methods to partition remote sensing imagery into meaningful image objects and assessing their characteristics through spatial, spectral and temporal scales, thus generating new geographic information. During my Ph.D., I tackled issues related to image segmentation of remote sensing data, methods to improve the accuracy and computational time of segmentation, applied in a variety of application (e.g. urban mapping, agricultural mapping). The outcomes of my research have a significant potential to enable robustness and automation of OBIA applications.

Ovidiu Csillik was a fully funded Ph.D. student at the Doctoral College, GIScience of the University of Salzburg and is currently a postdoc at Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford, CA.


  • Remote sensing
  • Object-based image analysis
  • Computer vision
  • Environmental applications
  • Agricultural mapping
  • Geomorphometry
  • Drones
  • GIS