Romania’s Best Student in 2018, in Europe, graduate level

On January 8th, 2019, I had the honor to be awarded Romania’s Best Student in Europe, graduate level, during an event organized by the League of Romanian Students Abroad. The LRSA is one of the biggest Romanian NGO outside its borders and organizes every year an event where the achievements from the previous academic year are highlighted. Considering the size of the Romanian diaspora and the high number of Romanian students studying abroad, then this prize starts to be pretty heavy.

It is a rewarding feeling that your achievements and hard work are paying off. This award gave me more motivation to work hard and be better every day. Although I could not attend the event in person in Bucharest, I did a one minute video thanking everyone for their contribution. There was no better place to do this than Stanford, an amazing place to be a postdoc.

The Romanian National Television made a nice resume of the entire event and you can watch the video below. I am there between 4’24” and 5’00”.

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