Publication: Canopy height estimation from Planet images

New article that tackles the challenges of estimating canopy height from spectral and textural information from Planet Dove images is now published in Remote Sensing (click to access):

Csillik, O.; Kumar, P.; Asner, G.P. Challenges in Estimating Tropical Forest Canopy Height from Planet Dove Imagery. Remote Sens. 202012, 1160.

This work can be a helpful advancement towards better monitoring of tropical forests, improving the efforts in reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. We developed a software toolchain that takes advantage of the high temporal and spatial resolution of Planet Dove images and derive and modify features derived from FOTO textures. A gradient boosting regression is then applied for the entire Peru, leading to an RMSE of 4.36 m in nationwide estimation of canopy height. Check the open-access article for more details!

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